Day 7

Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work... Exodus 20:8-11

Reviving the Sabbath

What a commandment! We could argue that it is the most challenging of the ten. Moms read this commandment and immediately think, No work? Sure - I won’t cook, clean, change diapers, bathe kids for an entire 24-hour period. Really, God? What were you thinking? Men read it and think, Oh yeah! I’d like to see my lawn after weeks of not mowing on the one day a week I have off work. Most of us have grappled with this commandment. Finding it difficult to obey, we simply push it to the back of our minds hoping it might go away if we don’t think about it. So what do we do with such a command from God? We first remember that God is love and His commandments are designed to make our lives protected and good. Then, we need to accept the challenge to set a day aside that is different from the work days of the rest of the week. This takes planning. The commandment says, “Remember the Sabbath…” If we don’t remember the Sabbath through the rest of the week, then that day becomes a “catch all” day instead of a “holy” day of rest with your family. As a family, decide which day of the week would be the best to designate as your Sabbath; next, evaluate what chores you normally do on that day. Could some of those chores be tacked on to another day of the week? Would an extra load of laundry six days of the week keep you from having to do laundry on your Sabbath? What preparations can you make ahead of time? Parents, you’ll still have to change those diapers, but planning for a day that can be more restful than the others is an important part of following God’s perfect plan for our lives.

Pray Psalm 119:1-16:

Blessed are the undefiled in the way,

How can a young man cleanse his way?

Who walk in the law of the Lord!

By taking heed according to Your word.

Blessed are those who keep His testimonies,

With my whole heart I have sought You;

Who seek Him with the whole heart!

Oh let me not wander from your commandments!

They also do no iniquity;

Your word I have hidden in my heart,

They walk in His ways.

That I might not sin against You.

You have commanded us to keep your precepts

Blessed are You, O Lord!


Teach me Your statutes.

Oh that my ways were directed

With my lips I have declared

To keep your statutes!

All the judgments of Your mouth.

Then I would not be ashamed,

I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies,

When I look into all Your commandments.

As much as in all riches.

I will praise You with uprightness of heart,

I will meditate on Your precepts,

When I learn Your righteous judgments,

And contemplate Your ways.

I will keep Your statutes;

I will delight myself in Your statutes;

O do not forsake me utterly.

I will not forget Your word.

“Most of the things we need to be most fully alive never come in busyness. They grow in rest.”

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