We have officially re-opened for services on Sundays at 9:30 AM & 11:00 AM

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Follow the resources below to host your own Realife Home Church.

Stream live on Sunday | 9:30 AM & 11:00 AM

Realife Kids

If you have kids in grades K-5th, watch the video below for a

worship experience geared just for them.



If you have preschool age children, watch the video below for a

worship experience geared just for them.


How do I host a home church?

Copy of Use the largest screen available

Tips to make Home Church great!

1.  Pray!  Pray that God would prepare your heart and the hearts of your guests as you open your home for a place to worship together.  

2.  Communicate - Make sure everyone knows the date and time you will be watching together.  Send an email or text ahead of time.

3.  Turn on every light in the area where you will meet as a group.  This will create a welcoming environment.  

4.  Make sure the area where you will meet is tidy.  Your guests will appreciate this!

5.  Want to create a fun atmosphere?  Turn on some background music for when your guests arrive just like we do at church.  There are great background music stations on Spotify or Apple Music.

6.  Greet everyone with a big smile when they arrive!

7.  Thank everyone for worshipping with you.

Additional Home Church Resources

Thank you for your help in creating a place people love so they can experience a loving God at home.