Weekend Worship Experience

On Saturdays at 4:00 PM & 5:30 PM and Sundays at 9:30 AM & 11:00 AM we will gather together online to worship, pray, listen to a message, and chat with others who are watching.  Our Realife Kids will also have a video with worship, a lesson, and small group material for you to do at home with your family.  Realife Students will have their City Group on Sundays at 5:30 PM online. 

Host a Facebook Watch Party

When you host a watch party, it will invite all of your Facebook friends to watch with you. These are people that are within your circle of influence that Realife may not be able to reach on our own. A Facebook watch party helps to expand our influence, allowing more people to hear the hope and love of Jesus. You can host a watch party by following the directions below. 


We say around here "Life is better connected."  Staying connected to one another during this time will continue to be important.  Our group leaders will lead online meetings where you can gather, encourage, and pray for one another in an online setting.  If you would like to host an online meeting, email


Social Media 

We believe in the importance of continuing to grow spiritually.  We will post a nightly Facebook video with spiritual encouragement as well as a weekly Facebook Live Prayer Party at 8:30 PM.  We encourage you to follow, like, comment, and share on all Realife social media.  When you do this, you are able to help us reach more of your friends and family with the Good News!  

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We want to use this time to make a difference in our community. 

Wellspring Brandywine Community Church

Wellspring Drive-Thru Food Pantry Dropbox by Realife Church offices

Basic needs, such as cleaning products, toiletries, and nonperishable food items can be dropped off at Realife.


We need volunteers to serve on a 2 hour rotation every Monday from 3:00pm – 7:00pm and every Wednesday from 10:00am – 2:00pm. Volunteers would be expected to help with the following, Stock the pantry, help clean off the products, pack bags, carry outside to cars, pray with drivers, deliver food bags 


We also need volunteers who can collect the items from the dropbox and deliver them to the Wellspring Center at Brandywine Church.

Hancock County Food Pantry

Needed: 4 volunteers who can go to Walmart and pick up 240 gallons of milk every Monday morning at 7:30am to deliver and unload at the food pantry.

Sew Masks for Healthcare Personnel

If you or someone you know is a seamstress or participates in a sewing group, Hancock Health would appreciate your help.  All donations, large and small will be appreciated. Donations can be dropped to the collection bin, located just inside the double doors at Hancock Surgery Center (Door #23) during the hours of  8am-6pm. 

Home to Home

Realife Church Home to Home is all about loving our neighbors. Click on one of the DIY games to download the supplies and instructions for each game. Put all of the supplies in a zip lock bag and drop it off on your neighbor's porch. Include a letter and the downloaded instructions so they can build and play the game with their kids.


Hancock Health Support Hotline: 317-325-2683

If you or someone you know needs more info on the Covid virus, feel they are experiencing symptoms, or just need emotional support call the Hancock Health hotline for support .

Free Budgeting and Planning for Emergencies Workshop

Those who are financially frustrated try month after month to build and stick with a budget, only to keep giving up because they believe budgeting is too hard and not worth it.

But let me ask you..if the budget was too hard and not worth it, then why are there hundreds if not thousands of people successfully living on budgets all around the world?

Why are some people successful with budgeting while others struggle month after month?

In this workshop, you'll:

- Learn the "how" behind creating a budget that works for your family (because one size does not fit all)

- Learn how to plan & save for emergencies (including what is and isn't an emergency)

- Get 60-day online access to budgeting tools & courses

This workshop will be interactive and there will be an opportunity for Q&A at the end.

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